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Pawan Dham

Frequently visited by tourists and pilgrims, the Pawan Dham Temple in Haridwar is a must-see for all. The temple is counted as one of the most ancient in the town of Haridwar. The structure of the temple reflects wonderful work of art. The temple walls are known for their wonderful glass work and aesthetic design. Even the idols installed inside the temple are very intricately carved. The overall architecture of the Pawan Dham temple represents the rich culture and heritage of India. A visit to the temple is said to instil in visitors a deep sense of purity and gratification.

Pawan Dham

The temple of Pawan Dham is easily accessible from Haridwar. A drive of just 2 km will take you to this temple. From Har ki Pauri, the biggest attraction in Haridwar, the Pawan Dham temple is located at a diatnce of 3 km. So, you do not need to plan the temple in advance. It is an essential part of your Haridwar pilgrimage tour.