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Maya Devi Temple

Have you ever heard of Siddhapeeth Triangle in Haridwar? The temple of Maya Devi completes the trio along with Mansa Devi and Chandi Devi Temples. So if you are in Haridwar on a pilgrimage tour, you can never afford to miss a visit to these temples, of which the Maya Devi temple is considered to be the vertex. A peek into the religious history of Haridwar tells you alot about the significance of the Maya Devi Temple. The temples stands in dedication to goddess Maya Devi, who is also the Adhisthatri deity of Haridwar. According to what frequent pilgrims to Haridwar say, it is almost blasphemous if you visit Haridwar and miss a visit to the Maya Devi Temple.

Maya Devi Temple

The history of the Maya Devi temple dates back to the 11th century. Devotees as well as tourists from all across the country and the world flock to Haridwar to visit the shrine and to seek blessings of goddess Maya Devi; the goddess represents shakti (divine power). Among the Hindu community this divine power is very highly regarded and revered.

There is an interesting legend associated with the temple's existence. According to the Hindu mythology, Sati (Lord Shiva's wife) set herself on fire to avenge the insulting demeanor of her father towards her husband. When Lord Shiva came to learn that Sati killed herself to keep his honour, he was filled with fury. An enraged Shiva undertook a tour of the whole universe carrying the dead body of Sati. It was during this tour that various body parts of Sati fell at different places. Hindus believe that it was at the temple site of Maya Devi where the naval and heart of Sati fell down. Therefore the Maya Devi shrine is held in high regard. The spiritual aura that surrounds the temple is truly worth experiencing for all.