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Mansa Devi Temple

The temple of Mansa Devi in Haridwar is as much ancient as it is popular. One of the most frequented in the town, the temple stands in dedication to Mansa Devi, the Hindu goddess of Power. The temple's location on the Bilwa Parvat Hill adds much to its overall beauty. Though the temple lies on the hilltop, visitors do not face any difficulty in reaching the temple. The temple magnetises hordes of devotees and pilgrims from all over due to its ancient history and religious significance. Hindus believe that if you pray to the goddess with a pure and grateful heart, she is sure to fulfill your wishes. For a 'darshan' (visit) of the goddess, pilgrims need to stand in the queue at the temple site.

Mansa Devi Temple

Visitors have a number of options for getting to the temple. There are regular Taxis, Auto Rikshaws and Cabs available from Haridwar to Mansa Devi. To reach the hilltop, you can use the cable car. Otherwise, if you are looking for a light dose of adventure, you can choose to trek up to the temple. A number of small shops stand on the hill. At these shops, you can buy fruits, garlands and incense sticks to present as an offering to the goddess Mansa Devi, regarded as the wife of Nag Raja Vasuki.

Close to the temple on the hilltop is a holy tree, around which devotees tie threads to get their wishes fulfilled. They seek the blessings of goddess Mansa Devi. Not only in Haridwar, but the temple of Mansa Devi is known and revered in the whole of northern India. Apart from getting a glimpse of the goddess at the temple, visitors can also feast their eyes upon the magnificent views of the town of Haridwar from the hilltop.