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INR 1999/-
BHEL Gate, Bahadrabad
Phone: 01334-248068, 09897346249
INR 1800/-
Bhim Goda, Upper Road
Phone: +91-7417317055, 9968044305
Haridwar is the land of Holy River and soul rejuvenation where people come in search of peace. At Haridwar Hotel Guide, we offer accommodation for best luxury hotels to make your stay comfortable. Luxury served in the land of Gods will offer you a majestic view of the city. We are your ultimate guide for luxury hotels in Haridwar and nearby locations. From Ranipur to Prem Nagar Ashram, we cover all the regions. We have an exhaustive price range and try to cater to all of your needs. Nested in the holy place of Haridwar, we take care of every need during your spiritual stay. We make sure your spiritual transformation takes place in the realms of luxury. We are bound by distinction and not by similarities. Select from our available list of Luxury hotels in Haridwar and give us a chance to serve you better. We provide our best ensuring all the amenities to make your stay a memorable one with us. We, at Haridwar Hotel guide, celebrate travelers from across the world and make sure they go through a successful experience of spiritual transformation here in Haridwar. If you are looking for luxury at excellent prices in Haridwar, let us serve you.

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