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Lachhiwala in Dehradun

The verdant forests of Lachhiwala have been attracting travellers in hordes. Being an important picnic spot, people come here along with family and friends to spend some quality time, away from the frenetic rat race of the city life. The picnic spot of Lachhiwala lies along the Haridwar-Rishikesh Road in Uttarakhand region. It is at a distance of just 17 km from Dehradun and 30 minutes drive from Haridwar. Even for the visitors to Dehradun, Lachhiwala is one of the most important sightseeing places.

Lachhiwala Dehradun

While you arrive here, you will find the man made water pools where you can have the enjoyable bath, a good number of nature lovers, trekkers and bird watchers busy with their activities. Apart from being nature-rich the forests of Lachhiwala also shelter a variety of colorful bird species. So, bird watchers can have a lot of fun. You can further enhance the experience of your bird watching tour, if you hire a guide. The birding guide will inform you of the exact place to watch specific bird species. He will also teach you some of the basic techniques required for bird watching. The surroundings of Lachhiwala are far away from the urban establishment. There is greenery and crispy fresh air all around. Even if you want to spend some time in solitude, it can be one of the best places around Dehradun.

Since tourists keep coming to the forests of Lachhiwala, there are fine accommodation facilities are available as well. You can easily book your accommodation in the Forest Rest House. The Forest Rest House is located in the midst of greenery and gives you the opportunity of being in close contact with nature. The prices are very reasonable and food is cooked by expert chefs. It is advisable to check the availability of rooms in advance.

The vegetation at Lachhiwala is a mix of deciduous and sal trees. There are fruit orchards all around. While you are here, do remember to visit the marshes and the grassland along the Song River. At this place you can spot species of migratory birds too. You can come here anytime of the year, as Lachhiwala features a pleasant climate.