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Kaliyar Sharif

India is a huge flower-pot bearing flowers of various shades and colours, each significant in its own way. The shrine of Kaliyar Sharif has in store a similar experience for visitors. All around in Haridwar you find temples, ashrams and ghats and just in the midst of it all is an Islamic shrine, the true picture of India. Sometimes called Peeran Kaliyar, it is the tomb of Baba Sabir Ali, a Muslim Sufi saint, known throughout the Islamic history for his compassion towards human beings and for his miraculous deeds. The shrine of Kaliyar Sharif is located in a small village, at a 30-minute drive from the holy town of Haridwar in the Uttarakhand region.

Kaliyar Sharif

The Kaliyar Sharif shrine is believed to be 800 years old. Visitors come here to in huge number to pay their tribute, to offer prayer and to seek favour from the sufi saint. It was another saint Qutbe Alam who built the tomb of Baba Aliuddin Ali Ahmed Sabir, locally known as Sabirpia. During Urs Festival, hundreds of devotees and pilgrims arrive here to pray in order to get their wishes fulfilled by the blessings of the saint. The festival takes place at the shine every year in the months of May-June.

Qawwalis are organised at the shrine on an everyday basis. The lovers of sufi music can really look forward to attending one such session. During the sufi musical session, a special spiritual aura surrounds the place. The Qawwali singers sing praises of the saint Sabipia and Allah, who sent him to convey His message to the whole world. At the shrine, langar is cooked in the religious kitchen and is distributed on a daily basis to the need and to those who visit here.