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Hotels in Haridwar near Bhupatwala

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INR 1550/-
Phone: 01334-260367, 9837086867
INR 1200/-
Doodadhari Chowk, NH-58
Phone: 01334-218310, 09997384184
INR 1500/-
Bhim Goda, Upper Road
Phone: +91-9358073565
Situated on the bank of River Ganga is a small district situated in Haridwar called Bhupatwala. Known majorly as a residential area, it is just 5 minutes away from the Haridwar train station. Devotees looking for spiritual rejuvenation and wishing to be blessed by deities often seek shelter in Bhupatwala. Since Haridwar is a religious destination, the entire neighborhood is showered with a sense of tranquility. There is no overcrowding, or traffic congestion that disturbs and ruins the spiritual resonance this place exudes. The temples in this neighborhood ensure a calming effect. There are street side stalls and eateries you can head to for tastes of local flavors. The sweet treats of Haridwar are renowned all over the world; thus make sure you have them first.

This place is swamped with 5 and 4 star hotels as well as budget hotels that play an impressive host to all travelers from various walks of life. The hotel packages presented by in this area offer great deals and the group discounts are sure to surprise you. We offer our customers the freedom to browse across hotels freely and then contact the hotel owners directly for booking.

We have provided a list of hotels near Bhupatwala below which will perfectly suit your requirements.