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Haridwar Hotels - Tariff Starts from INR 800/-

Hotels in Alphabetical Order
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INR 1050/-
Railway Road, Near Lalitarao Bridge
Phone: 01334-226365, 09719002645
INR 799/-
Dudhadhari Chowk, Bhopatwala
Phone: +91-9897099191
Call: 180030008090 (Toll Free)
INR 799/-
Phone: +91-9897099191
Call: 180030008090 (Toll Free)
INR 1999/-
BHEL Gate, Bahadrabad
Phone: 01334-248068, 09897346249
INR 1200/-
Doodadhari Chowk, NH-58
Phone: 01334-218310, 09997384184
INR 990/-
Near Harkipauri
Phone: +91-9690300999
INR 990/-
Near Laltarao Bridge, Railway Road
Phone: +91-9690300999, +91-9837854220
INR 825/-
Shiv Murti (Near Railway Station), Jassa Ram Road, Behind Gujrat Bhawan
Phone: 01334-265887, 09837209797
Finding accommodation during the rush season of Haridwar is not an easy feat by any means. But fear not, our website will offer you plenty of choices and help you get the best deals and the biggest discounts. You can browse the list of hotels and filter by tariff and by location. All this with no travel agent commissions and no extra charges guaranteed. The mid-range affordable accommodation in the form of lodges and guest houses has been flourishing in Haridwar, and we are here to help you choose what's best for you.

With the tariffs for lodges and guest houses starting from INR 800, you can really focus your funds on exploring the scope of tourism in Haridwar. To exploit the best out of this culturally rich place, most of the mid-range accommodation has been constructed near the railway stations and the bus stand for easy and quick access to new arrivals and near some of the major tourist spots like the Shiv Murti and the Ganga River itself. If you are among those people who want to stay a little further away from the city rush, hotels located between Rishikesh and Haridwar are just the thing for people like you.

Just check out the list of Hotels starting from INR 800/- and go ahead with a memorable stay.