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Bharat Mata Mandir

The Bharat Mata (or Mother India) Mandir/Temple is unique in the sense that it stands in dedication of all the patriots and freedom fighters of the country. Established by Swami Satyamitranand Giri, the temple has the privilege of being inaugurated by the Late Indian prime minister Smt. Indira Gandhi in the year 1983. The temple is also special in the sense that it is built in eight stories, each of which represents a specific theme and is devoted to various legends and deities of India. The eight-storey temple rises up to a height of 180 ft. There is the facility of lift available to take visitors to different floors of the temple.

Bharat Mata Mandir

Given below is a list of all the floors devoted to various themes, legends and deities:

First Floor - It has the statue of Bharat Mata or Mother India
Second Floor - It is known as the Shoor Mandir and is dedicated to all the illustrious heroes of India.
Third Floor - Named Matru Mandi, it is dedicated to India's venerated women including Meera Bai, Savitri, Maitri etc.
Fourth Floor - It is the Sant Mandir and features great saints of the Jainism, Sikhism and Buddhism faith.
Fifth Floor - It is the Assembly Hall and marks the symbolic co-existence of the religions followed in India.
Sixth Floor - It is dedicated to Goddess Shakti of the Hindu religion.
Seventh Floor - The floor is devoted to all the incarnations of Lord Vishnu, the preserver form of the holy Hindu Trinity.
Eighth Floor - The uppermost floor features the shrine of Lord Shiva, the supreme god in Hindu tradition.

From upon the eighth floor of the Bharat Mata temple, you can also soak up panoramic views of the Mountains of Rajaji National Park. The entire town of Haridwar and the Sapt Sarovar also look splendorous from here.